Risk Management is an important topic for organizations wishing to make their companies safe, and for companies with mobile sales or service workforces this is an even bigger challenge. Too often, employees review or respond to messages when in compromising situations; in traffic, driving or at stop lights. Make driving while on the job safer!

  • Reduce your company's risks and liabilities - By introducing a low cost device that inhibits a person's ability to review or respond to messages while behind the wheel, we can help companies avoid the potential tragedy that too often catches up with drivers who use their phones at inappropriate times. When an employee causes damage or personal injury while on the job (and using a company device), a company exposes itself to tremendous liability.

  • Promote employee safety in your organisation, and show it! - The PARKyourPHONE™ window cradle is a tangible step in solidifying your message to employees that: "we care about you and we don't want you to use your phone while driving." Cradles can be personalized with your company logo for positive outward messaging to other drivers.

Notable Cases

A growing number of lawsuits have resulted in significant awards against employers when their employees are involved in automobile crashes while using a cell phone. Following are some examples:

$24.7M: A truck driver was not looking when his truck hit 10 vehicles stopped in backed-up traffic because he was checking his cell phone for text messages. The crash resulted in three fatalities, numerous serious injuries, and multiple lawsuits against the driver and his employer.

$21.6M: A jury found the employer liable where the employee driving a company car rear-ended another vehicle while she was talking with her husband on a cell phone, causing that vehicle to cross into oncoming traffic. The ensuing accident resulted in a fatality.

$4.1M: The employee of an electrical contractor was lost and using the GPS on his cell phone while driving a company car. He ran a red light and seriously injured a 70-year-old woman.

$750,000: An employee was involved in a crash while on his way to work. The court held the employer liable although the employee was off-the-clock because there was evidence the employee was involved in a cell phone conversation regarding company business at the time of the crash. The employer decided to settle the case while the jury was deliberating.